Secure Password reGenerator


How Secure Password reGenerator works?

Secure Password reGenerator is a special type of password generator. All you have to remember is your master password, and also what is the password for. After you complete these details in the form from above, you should press the REGENERATE button. The actual password you are looking for will be displayed in the yellow box. You can click it to easily copy the password in your device clipboard. If you complete the form in the same way more times, you will get the same password.

Why use Secure Password reGenerator?

Secure Password reGenerator has many advantages that other password tools do not have. It works on most devices within your web browser: smartphones (both iOS and Android), tablets, PC with Windows, iMAC. So if your device breaks you can still have all your passwords.

Your passwords are not stored anywhere on the internet. You can even use it offline. Other password managers store your password keys on their own servers, so if there is any security breach, the passwords will be leaked on the internet.

What are Secure Password reGenerator usages?

Secure Password reGenerator can be used for passwords of online websites, such as Facebook, GMail, Yahoo, VK and many more. It also can be used for files which require passwords or for logging in your device.

How to use Secure Password reGenerator with password rotation?

Although it is optional, if you use to change your passwords regularly Secure Password reGenerator will help you. You can write in the first field the website you want to generate a password, followed by the time you use to change it. For example, you can write april2021
. In april, you will remember that you have to change the password with a new one. This time you can type april2022
for your new password, so the next year you will also remember that you should change your passwords.

More about how to use Secure Password reGenerator

To use Secure Password reGenerator you should complete the form, the first 3 fields. In the image, the first 3 fields were filled.

After you completed the fields, press the REGENERATE button. The password will be generated in the yellow box. After the REGENERATE button was clicked the password is shown in the yellow box.

Click on the yellow box to copy the password in the clipboard. After the yellow box was clicked the password was copied in the clipboard so it can be used.

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